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    News from Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital Medical team started to support Go-South Policy Cooperated quit smoking plan with Vietnam to reach nearly 45% smoking reduction rate
    Publication Date:2016-10-27

    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KVGH) has succeeded in tobacco control, certified with gold award by Health Promotion Administration (HPA), Ministry of Health and Welfare after attending “ENSH-Global Network for Tobacco Free Healthcare Services Network Identification” in 2014; it obtained many affirmations, such as the only “Extra superior tobacco free creative project” of the country awarded by HPA in 2015, and the only “Extra superior hospital” of the city awarded by Public Health Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government in 2016. Inputting lots of manpower and resources in tobacco control, KVGH has been coordinating with public health bureau in each district of Kaohsiung City in recent 10 years by organizing more than quit smoking classes to achieve 100% quit smoking rate for 3 out of 21 classes in 2011, above average quit smoking rate by 80%.
    KVGH has successfully copied its own experiences in tobacco control to sign cooperation program with Vietnam Lam Dong Government in 2015. So far, smoking reduction rate has reached splendid results at 44.3%; apart from local Vietnamese’s affirmation and praise, KVGH has established deeply mutual trust relationship with Lam Dong Government, causing that Lam Dong Provincial Health Bureau selected two medical personnel to receive training in KVGH, expecting to lean successful experiences in tobacco control from Taiwan, and reducing tobacco hazard to harm Vietnamese.
    KVGH has been devoting itself to international medical assistance. From May, 2008 to this day, mobile medical mission in total 7 shifts have been dispatched to Vietnam for free clinics. After examining the achievements over the years, respiratory disease is found to take the second place (over 2,700 person-times) among the number of free clinics up to 20,000 person-times; according to analysis of inquiry and observation excluding common cold cases, extreme high percentage of smoking rate meets GATS (Global Adult Tobacco Survey) displayed in Vietnam Ministry of Health information: “Vietnam is one of the countries with the highest smoking population around the world. More than 40,000 persons per year died of tobacco-related diseases (cancer, chronic disease), in which 47% of adult male are tobacco addicts and even 47 million Vietnamese suffer from second-hand smoke hazard”. KVGH considers that simultaneously carrying out tobacco control and free clinics is the way to help more Vietnamese for real health; quit smoking is even one of the most effective ways of prevention and treatment of disease clinically.
    KVGH quit smoking treatment team maintains a permanent presence in Vietnam Da Lat Rehabilitation Hospital, in which not only smokers’ behavioral therapy and case filed are conducted in the hospital, but also tobacco control conception is tried hard to expand to local factories, campuses and restaurants; average smoking quantity for smoking cases (57 persons) has declined from 12.95 to 7.2 cigarettes per day in just more than a month, with the 40% decline, even nearly complete smoking cessation for some cases, and the number of propaganda up to 302 persons.
    The case is a male physical therapist in Da Lat Rehabilitation Hospital, aged 32, who has smoked for 20 years and achieves nearly complete smoking cessation. A photo of his favorite songstress Jolin Tsai on a small round fan for quit smoking that was moved to Vietnam from Taiwan all the way by KVGH quit smoking treatment team triggered his motive to contact quit smoking treatment; for this small round fan, he participated in case filed by physician and health education teacher for quit smoking. After understanding his family background, quit smoking treatment team found he concerned about his family members’ health so much and offered many information about second-hand smoke that may harm family members, so that he made up his mind to say goodbye to the tobacco. In only a month, his smoking quantity of one cigarette per day just once in a while has been reduced from about 20 cigarettes per day, and Co could not be detected with Co check meter, which is really encouraging to quit smoking treatment team.
    Liu, Chun-Peng, Director of KVGH expressed that quit smoking is the best and the most important public health strategy. KVGH has responsibility to promote the concept of no smoking global village by fitting MPOWER strategy driven by WHO. To deepen program function of international medical assistance cooperation, the hospital and Vietnam Lam Dong Government will initiate tobacco control plan, integrating the original free clinics expanded from public service and putting resources into tobacco control. In the future, the effects of quit smoking and free clinics could be supplemented each other to bring the public real health and freedom.
    Creating high smoking reduction rate is never by chance. KVGH team explained the harm of smoking and advantage of quit smoking with vivid health education pictures and specific data to reinforce trainees’ no absent from quit smoking class and continuous determination of quit smoking. Meanwhile, integrated life care supported by diet for quit smoking, proper exercise can help tobacco addicts successfully quit smoking.
    In light of good executive achievements from Vietnam tobacco control plan, KVGH and Lam Dong Provincial Health Bureau have aggressively carried out long-term cooperation, aiming at the current dotted tobacco control strongholds (job market, campus and hospital) to promote as line and area level of tobacco free streets, villages and cities, etc. Tobacco control will not be immediate but have deep influence and highly public benefit. On the other hands, KVGH’s international medical assistance cooperation will increase Taiwan’s international health position towards long-term goal while cooperating with national policy to promote the participation in WHO and improve international visibility of Taiwan. It’s believed that “the more tobacco control, the more health” is anything but difficult under KVGH team's efforts.