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    The Official Launch of Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital “Long-Term Care Integration Services Center” on August 5, 2016
    Publication Date:2016-10-27 Data Sources:Ministry of Health and Welfare

    In recent years, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KVGH) has dedicated itself to the promotion of long-term care by providing more complete medical and disability care for the elders. “Long-Term Care Integration Services Center” arranged to last for more than one year was jointly launched by Huang, Chih-Chung, Director General of Kaohsiung City Health Bureau and Liu, Chun-Peng, Director of KVGH on today’s morning (August 5) to provide the elders with more complete and sweet care services. Director Liu remarked in his address that with increase in the aged and disabled population, KVGH started using the country’s first aging medical building at the end of the year 2014 to provide convenient hospitalization for aged people. The opening of “Long-Term Care Integration Services Center” will seamlessly connect “Acute Care” with “Long-term Care”. Aged people’s medical care and disability care are inseparable, indicated by Director Liu. In order to provide aged people with more complete care, KVGH integrated “Discharge Planning Service Team” and “Home Care Office” at the original outpatient service building area into integrated outpatient service area at F1, the aging medical building, and specially established “Long-Term Care Integration Services Center” to provide subsequent appointments for the patients and their dependents, integrated outpatient for disabilities, nursing home, post-acute care, home care, referral and consultation of home hospice service and single window integrated care service. Under instruction of Veterans Affairs Council (VAC), Director Liu expressed, KVGH has fully developed the aging medical business since 2007; “Model Award” for “Aging-Friendly Health Care Institution”, the highest honor given by Health Promotion Administration in 2013, “SNQ(Symbol of National Quality)” certification for “the Aged with Five Perfections Seamless Care” and “Lohas Home Care” were obtained one after another in 2013 and 2014. With the opening of the aging medical building at the end of the year 2014, KVGH will bear the responsibilities of more friendly and convenient medical services for aged people to improve quality of regional medical services. To respond demand and policy of local long-term care, said by Director Liu, KVGH cooperated with Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau at the beginning of the year 2016 to firstly establish “Tsuonan District Home Care Office Strategic Alliance”, playing its role of medical center to improve regional medical standards, referral of appropriate cases and localized long-term care services at home, which the effects are affirmed by all parties. KVGH is expecting to have closer cooperation with Kaohsiung City Government Health Bureau through the establishment of “Long-Term Care Integration Services Center” to jointly initiate more integration services of acute medical and long-term care, achieving the goal as medical center to lead the whole regional development and quality improvement.