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    We focus our efforts on the following
    • The assumption of greater responsibility as a public medical center providing southern Taiwan with quality healthcare, education, and research.
      Having passed many stringent evaluations, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KSVGH) has been accredited as a government medical center whose mission is to provide the best medical care to the people of Taiwan, responsibly educate healthcare professionals, and undertake research leading to progress in many fields, including science, medicine, nursing and health. We undertake these goals to provide leading edge health care, perform prominent research and develop medical teams dedicated to the furtherance of translational medicine.
    Ksvgh photo
    • The advancement of public health and implementation of government medical service policy. Despite decreases in subsidies, KSVGH, the only public medical center in the southern area, continues to serve the public. We coordinate with the official health authorities to implement policies and serve as a leader of medical service improvement standards throughout the community and the region.

    • The continuance of our role as a veterans hospital to protect and care for our veterans and their families. Although there in a reduction in the number military personnel serving our armed forces and the number of veterans, KSVGH continues to guard the health of those who have guarded and defended us. We continue the mission assigned to us by the Veterans Affairs Council (VAC) which is to integrate medical services networks for veterans in the southern area and to continually provide veterans and their families with personalized, prompt, reliable and high quality health care.


    Present Superintendent: Jin-shun CHEN
    Present Superintendent:
    • Jin-shun CHEN
    • 2024.01 ~ present
    Chief Yaoh-shiang LIN
    Seventh Superintendent:
    • Yaoh-shiang LIN
    • 2020.01 ~ 2024.01
    Chief Chun-Peng Liu
    Sixth Superintendent:
    • Chun-Peng Liu
    • 2016.01 ~ 2020.01
    Chief King-Tong Mok
    Fifth Superintendent:
    • King-Tong Mok
    • 2013.07 ~ 2016.01
    Chief Jong-Khing Huang
    Fourth Superintendent:
    • Jong-Khing Huang
    • 2010 ~ 2013.07
    Chief Kwok-Kei Cheng
    Third Superintendent:
    • Kwok-Kei Cheng
    • 2003 ~ 2010
    Chief Chien-Fang Yang
    Second Superintendent:
    • Chien-Fang Yang
    • Term : 1997 ~ 2003
    Chief Deh-Ling Cheng
    First Superintendent:
    • Deh-Ling Cheng
    • Term : 1990 ~ 1997

    KSVGH Layout of Buildings

    KSVGH carte
    • Animal Laboratory
    • Water Purification Zone
    • Employee Dormitory
    • East Wing
    • Sewage Treatment Zone
    • Jenai Stream(Love Renai)
    • Turbine Room
    • Incineration Site
    • Medical Building
    • Medical Area
    • OPD Building
    • Taizhong 1st Road (40 meters)
    • Yongzong Road (17 meters)
    • (blank)
    • Multi-level Parking
    • Parking Lot
    • Zhonghua Estate Reserved Site (Jung-hua New Village)
    • Nurses’ Dormitory