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    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital-Hospital Introduction

    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital located in Kaohsiung City Zuoying District in the central transportation hub and only 10 minutes’ drive from the High-Speed Rail Zuoying Station is the only public medical center in the Kaohsiung and Pingtung area. Opened in 1990, the hospital was originally funded by the government to enhance the care for veterans and their families and the citizens of Southern Taiwan and to promote medical advancement. Up to now, with the continued search for physicians and medical personnel from all sectors and clinical training of various skills the hospital has become one of the representative leading hospitals in Taiwan. When the hospital first opened concerned about the medical resources in Southern Taiwan and offshore islands a rescue helicopter landing pad was put in place. The use of aeromedical transportation with a first-class emergency medical team allowed the hospital to promptly take care of domestic emergency patients or those here from abroad. In order to provide the best care to the patients, we carefully cultivate medical personnel and encourage physicians to publish their results of clinical research. At least 10 academic papers on SCI are published every month and the achievements in invention are also astonishing to the outside world. For example in 2014 the inventions of “Assistive Device for 12-Lead ECG” by Dr. Hung, Wei-Chun from the Cardiovascular Center and “3D culture System Can Simultaneously Provide Dynamic Hydrostatic Pressure and Shear Stress” by Dr. Tarng, Yih-Wen from the orthopedic team both received the INST Award Recognition among over 2,000 inventions and patent technologies. The hospital also invests heavily in medical equipment introducing the international standard Da Vinci minimally invasive surgery system and insists on the continuous renewal of medical equipment providing physicians with the most substantial support in order to be in line with international medical standards and improve the quality of medical care in the country.

    Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital is keeping up with the times and the arrival of the aging society. Recent establishments include the time transgressive Geriatric Medical Building which combines the rehabilitation, psychiatry, neurology, and geriatric medicine departments and provides high quality living and care and attentive rehabilitation courses as well as clean, bright, and state-of-the-art interior designs. Different from the general outpatient department, an “integrated outpatient clinic” was even specifically established and customized for the elderly where geriatric patients can seek treatment conveniently. As a representative leading hospital in Taiwan, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital included 61 clinics. We also have a Trauma Center, Cardiovascular Center, Cancer Center, and Aesthetic Medical Center. Among these, the Geriatric Medical Center and International Health Care Center took action to implement medical diplomacy. For example, when the President of Nauru traveled from afar, he selected Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital from medical treatment. Domestic and international media reported widely on this and the President of Nauru’s recovery status and smile became best witness to the international medical standards at Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital. Medicine is a service to all mankind, therefore Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital’s mobile medical team was born. Led by superintendent and directors of each department, medical personnel in charge volunteered to travel all over the world to provide consultation and services reaching the largest number of people serviced and affirming the highest quality of medical skill by the mobile medical team again and again. The hospital has also signed friendship agreements with a number of hospitals in many countries displaying the strength of Taiwan’s international medical diplomacy. The hospital with top international medical wards provides high quality VIP medical services, quite and private independent consultation room and bright spacious health care environments. Entering the hospital, worn out foreign guests can feel relaxed and focus on recuperation. Room incorporate handicap friendly designs as well as WIFI, English magazines, bilingual television for guests to use, similar to the comfort and convenience in hotels. The hospital actively participates in international medical services in line with international conventions integrating various types of characteristic international medical services such as its Health Management Center, PET Center, Dental Implant Center, Refractive Laser Center, Infertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, Cosmetic Medical Center, Artificial Joint Center, and Da Vinci surgery etc laying down numerous milestones in the development of international medicine in Taiwan.

    From our beginning serving veterans and their families to now providing the high quality medical services to all people in the Southern region, establishment of the International Medical Center, and the spread of our reputation and arrival of international patients, Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital continues to provide patients with better quality, more comprehensive, and more comfortable medical services. In the future, the hospital will continue to serve overseas guests and forge ahead to become a world renowned hospital.